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  • Here's the OTHER photographer in our group!

  • 36th Annual Classic Hot Air Balloon Festival in Colorado Springs ~ Labor Day Weekend 2012 ~ Couldn't have this without Smokey the Bear.

  • Looking toward the Andes Mountains

  • He who shall remain nameless!! :-)

  • Our thanks to the Contemplative Trail builders who provided many hiking "aids" like this ... a stone staircase.

  • Osorno Volcano ~ Chile

  • Another view of Bock Lake and Pikes Peak.

  • Ducks enjoyed the new riparian habitat of this newly formed pond.

  • Three trees emerge from what I call the Hidden Pond that we discovered along the Contemplative Trail. Before the heavy rains this was a very dry gully.

  • Samy, "the dog".

  • Here we are: The Red Rockers!! Excellent autumn weather! Excellent place to be outdoors! And an excellent group of hiking companions to enjoy it all!

  • As we hiked along the Contemplative Trail, what to our wondering eyes should appear but a fairly large pond where there once was just a dry low spot. In the Yin-Yang of Tao we that the recent heavy rains brought both devastation and pleasant surprises. ...lpk

  • 05-28-2012